Article in Frontiers in Communication

Bertrand, Stephanie, Martha Vassiliadi, Paul Zika, Efstratios Geronikolakis and George Papagiannakis (2021) “From Readership to Usership: Communicating Heritage Digitally through Presence, Embodiment and Aesthetic Experience”. Frontiers in Communication, vol. 6, July.

Open Access copy

Outreach event SUR_EXPOSITION

Bertrand S. (2021) “Virtual Museums and Public Access”. SUR_EXPOSITION. Live streamed on the Hexagram Network’s Youtube Channel. 10 June.

Publicly available recording

Academic conference RISE IMET2021

Bertrand S. (2021) “Curating Networked Objects: The Mediation of Contemporary Art Digitizations Online”. [Conference Presentation]. RISE IMET 2021 International Conference on Emerging Technologies and the Digital Transformation of Museums and Heritage Sites. 2-4 June. Nicosia, Cyprus.

Industry conference <MTL> Connect 2021

Bertrand S. (2021) “Virtual Museums: a case study for the challenges and opportunities of the post-digital moment”. [Conference Presentation]. <MTL> Connect 2021. 12-17 October 2021. Montreal, Canada.

Publicly available recording

Article in Journal of Curatorial Studies

Bertrand S. (2022) “Curating Online Collections: Towards an Authentically Digital, Mediation Protocol for Art Digitizations”. Journal of Curatorial Studies. 11(1) Online Exhibitions, pp. 26-51.

An Open Access copy will be made available in July 2023. In the meantime, you can access the following pre-peer review preprint and check out the project’s vlog entry presenting the paper’s main ideas.

Academic Conference Museums Without Walls organized by Queen’s University

Bertrand, S. (2022) “Recruiting Collective Intelligence to Level Art World Stratification: How Virtual Museums Can Impact the Actual Art System” [Conference Presentation] Museums Without Walls. 16 September. Online

Publicly available recording

Poster Presentation at European Researcher’s Night 2022

Bertrand, S. (2022) [Poster] European Researcher’s Night, 30 September 2022, HCI Lab at ICS-FORTH, Heraklion, GR.

Interview in The Floorplan’s Special Issue

Bertrand, S. and H. Byeon (2022) ‘Interview with Stephanie Bertrand’. Special Issue: Envisioning Online as a Space for Art. The Floorplan.

Open Access publication

Academic Conference Museums+Tech 2022 organized by MCG

Bertrand, S. (2022) “Recruiting Collective Intelligence to Level the Contemporary Art World’s Stratified Distribution of Prestige and Value: How Online Collections Could Potentially Impact the Actual Art System” [Conference Presentation]. Museums+Tech 2022. 11 November. London, UK

Design specifications for a new virtual museum app

Article in the Digital Art History Journal (DAHJ)

Bertrand, S. (2023) “Recruiting Collective Intelligence to Level Art World Stratification: How Virtual Museums of Contemporary Art Can Impact the Actual Art System”. DAHJ-Digital Art History Journal. 9.

Open Access copy

You can also get a sneak peak through the project’s vlog entry presenting the paper’s main ideas

Chapter in Routledge book Museums and Technologies of Presence

Bertrand, S. and C. Salter (2023) “Conditions of Presence: Immersion, Embodiment and Sensorimotor Acts in Virtual Contemporary Art Exhibitions”. In: M. Shehade and T. Stylianou (eds.) Museums and Technologies of Presence. London: Routledge (forthcoming Fall 2023)

Chapter in Springer book Interactive Media for Cultural Heritage

Bertrand, S., G. Papagiannakis, G. Margetis, S. Ntoa, N. Partarakis, X. Zabulis and C. Stephanidis (2023) “Similarity, Serendipity and Mediation: How Different Associative Principles Shape Interactive Media Design in Virtual Collections”. In: F. Liarokapis, Y. Chrysanthou, A. Aristidou and M. Shehade (eds.) Interactive Media for Cultural Heritage. Springer (forthcoming Fall 2023)